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 Being fortunate to have worked at the Country Store of Geneva for all those years, with wonderful products and wonderful people has inspired me to bring forth something that has been a dream of mine for years. After working a short time in mail order I soon realized the love that I had for what we were doing. Each and every order packed was to me a person. Some customers I have felt I have known for years but have never seen their face. I had always dreamed that maybe one day I to could have a small mail order business like the one I had grown to love. For so many years I have seen the talent of the American craftsman and unique and wonderful products and I wanted to continue to present them to you. I hope that you will find some of our long and true products along with some new things also. It has been a fun and educational experience and one I have greatly enjoyed and so I present to you Geneva Country Store and I hope you enjoy browsing through the website!